Soy Soi – A New Offering for Pan Asian Enthusiasts

Delhi’s restaurant scene is getting more and more interesting with the opening of new outlets that promise to titillate the senses. Soy Soi is one such restaurant that has recently opened up in Ardee Mall Gurgaon, situated above some great premium shopping brands, Soy Soi is a great place to go and relax and unwind in the midst of shopping or just to enjoy a good meal and mocktails with friends and family. The vibrant interiors inspired from countries like Thailand and Vietnam, incorporating their street food vibes into to a fine dining space. Chef Peter Tseng and his team have worked hard traveling Pan Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, learning from the locals to replicate authentic flavors for the Indian palate.  Focusing on items you don’t generally see on Pan Asian menus, like satays from Indonesia, curry puffs from Malaysia and pho from Vietnam, besides popular mainstays like red and green Thai curries, ensuring there is something for everybody.

Soy Soi has already earned the best Pan Asian space in Chennai. Some of their unusual items on the menu are their wide variety of Satays coming from all parts of South East Asia. Like the Soy Soi Sate Meter for Indonesia, a selection of five varieties of satays, presented on a meter long bamboo grill as per your selection. In the selection, they have options like Satya Ayam Madura from Indonesia made of Chicken leg meat, kecap Manis, Madura roasted spices, served with chili sambal dip. The Chicken Satya is tender, well cooked well balanced flavors sweet spicy completely different taste palate. Another is Satay Gai form Thailand, which is a street favorite across Bangkok consisting of grilled chicken on skewers in lemongrass, coconut milk and turmeric marinade. These are only a few of the many options to choose from. 

In vegetarian options try the Curried vegetable cracker from Thailand. Crispy rice crackers are topped with curried vegetables, crushed peanuts a different dish. The Burmese Chickpea tofu from Burma made of Shan tofu, spring onion, onion, ginger, green chillies, red chillies, cumin seeds, mustard seeds a completely different dish.

They have some delicious dim sums like Crystal vegetables from Hong Kong filled with Edamame, radish, carrot, bokchoy, shitake mushroom, zucchini, hoisin sauce, the Green curried vegetables a modern asian dish of mixed vegetables green curry coconut milk seasonings. Or the Mushroom Xiao Long Bao from Hong Kong filled with delicious Shitake mushrooms, Button mushrooms and Soya.

For non-vegetarian do try the Chicken pot sticker from Hong Kong made with chicken, sesame oil, seasonings, chives, the Cheung Fung Crispy Prawn from Hong Kong made with prawn tempura, shitake mushroom, soya sauce, garlic, ginger, black vinegar, Chinese wine, sesame oil and a unusual Tom Yum Xiao Long Bao from Hong Kong which has a chicken mince, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, Tom yum stock, coriander leaves filling and comes in individual spoons as you break the firm tender dim sum skin piping hot soup comes out.

Another must try is the Malay Pepper ribs from Malaysia. Made of Roast Belgian pork baby back ribs in Malay Pepper sauce. The Pork Ribs had a robust taste, slightly sweet, spicy amazing flavors, tender, and was well cooked.

For the main course they have so unique options like Chef recommended veg Nyonya pumpkin curry Malay, Burmese Khauk Shwe Veg, Lamb Rendang from Indonesia, with Jasmine or Coconut rice.

To round off this meal are some deserts like the Taiwan Milk Fritters server with Mandarin Orange Honey, a cripsy treat with a sweet syrupy honey flavor. Or the Kaya Pandan Mousse with dark chocolate, kaya jam, coconut crumble and coffee ice cream, a combination of different textures and tastes.  

Soy Soi has worked up a wonderful Mocktail menu as well. Trained mixologist Dhawan has worked in fine dining spaces cratering to the distinguished palates of different guests. To compliment the Menu the Mocktails are inspired from the Polynesian culture. Keeping everything, tropical, fresh, fruity and exotic. Using clarification process to create in house syrups without using sugar, and using healthy honey. The must trys are the Mango Bango a mango and watermelon flavored soda. A Virgin Green Apple Martini using fresh apple juices, Asyard made of in-house syrup orange mint cucumber lime juice, the Citrus cucumber cooler made of cucumber and ginger. 

So make sure next time you want to go shopping, to go to Ardee Mall and dine at the wonderful Soy Soi. 

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