Redefining the culture of Rajasthan at Pratap Mahal in Ajmer

Experiences define luxury and it depends on people how they want to enjoy it. There are hotels which gives their customers luxury which is cultural. What is luxurious for one may not be the same for the other. But then, there are some experiences that make you feel precious, the ones that make you feel closer to a life that is known only through their architecture, culture and food. The reminiscing, the wonder and the curiosity to know more of the bygone era has given birth to multiple palace hotels in India which redefine the traditional heritage of India.

When we talk about Palace Hotels, one should not move further without mentioning Rajasthan. The epitome of luxury, class, culture and ‘Raj’. From the ‘Sacred City’ to ‘Lake City’, the beauty of ‘Pink City’ to the amazement of ‘Blue City’, Rajasthan has been a home to many architectural marvels. Ajmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Chittorgarh, when we think about these cities, there is a picture we paint in our head. A picture that speaks volumes of a rich culture, the high-class lifestyle, and the beautiful architecture amidst the nature. We love it and there’s always a wish to experience it. Pratap Mahal IHCL SeleQtions, Ajmer which is venture of TATA Group based in Pushkar. Ajmer is a city known and loved for its architecture & sacred places. It’s an accessible travel destination and it is always in the hands of the traveler to make it a once in a lifetime experience. Pratap Mahal is situated just 25 minutes away from Kishangarh Airport. Located on Pushkar bypass, it is just the perfect escape surrounded by nature. This gigantic masterpiece will soothe your eyes at the first glance.

Things to experience in Pratap Mahal IHCL SeleQtions, Ajmer:

·        Best Destination for Weddings: Marriage is a milestone moment to mark your forever story and it deserves to have a befitting celebration. When Pratap Mahal plays the host, you will get nothing but a dazzling tale of a wedding. Rooted in the rustic charm of Rajasthani culture, the property is the perfect blend of true tranquility and the busy bustle. Let your forever vows be exchanged on multiple lush green gardens while listening to the cacophony of prancing peacocks. With 90 grand rooms and suites waiting to house the families of the bride and the groom, together embarking the beautiful new chapter of life.

·        Wilderness Experience in Aravali: Pratap Mahal also offers special wilderness dinner experiences followed by tracking on Aravali hills. You head out to a secluded wilderness camp to experience the lust dishes among the Aravali hills. In the quiet lap of nature, savor the taste of multiple cuisines prepared by India’s greatest chefs. When fairy lights meet the sweet melody of Rajasthani folk music, paired with satisfaction of delicious dishes sums up rejuvenation that lies deep in the soul.

·        Every night is a Sufi Night: When we talk about Rajasthan and its culture, its harmonious and melodic folk music fills our heart with pleasure. Every evening, Pratap Mahal organizes special Sufi night for their guests by inviting local folk and Sufi artists which takes you to a pleasant and blissful environment. The sweet melody blended with the fresh air of Aravali hills soothes your mind, body and soul and bestows salvation.

·        Spiritual Walk: To explore the heart of Ajmer and Pushkar, the hotel takes you for a spiritual walk which when accompanied by your friends and family, lead to an experience full of laughter and bonding. It is the little things like these that make all the difference. If nature is not your idle escape, there are so many tourist attractions that you can visit while staying at Pratap Mahal. There’s Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Pushkar Ghat, Brahma Temple and Jain Golden Temple, the specialties of these spots are familiar to everyone. They are one of a kind, and each place has its unique beauty and love to welcome all the travelers.

·        Experience the Decor: Architecturally brilliant take a walk down the brilliant exotic setting exuding an old school charm of Rajasthan. Banithani painting, sprawled across the premises leading you to 5000 sq. ft. Darbar Hall which is currently the largest wedding hall of Ajmer.

·        Rajasthani Cuisine:  A timeless cuisine plating flavors to perfection. Nested amidst the pristine Aravali on all sides, it plates the finest of local, Indian and global cuisine.

·        Celebrating inspiring themes: Decking up the property to match up to the fairytale or adding a rustic  makeover to the eternity story which seems to be a dream come true for the bride and groom and also a wishful experience.

·        Let the thrill begin: Sitting up on a Camel and experiencing a bumpy ride gives a chance to explore real deserts of Rajasthan. Deserts have remained to be one of the key aspects of the Middle Eastern life for centuries as the natives in this area used to roam around in them and travel great distances.

When a place has so many beautiful experiences of culture, and the calmness of the nature, you know you’re in the right place. Because, Pratap Mahal IHCL SeleQtions, Ajmer is the best place you’ll ever choose. 

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