Made In Punjab Get Pampered in Fine Punjabi Style Dining

Though Made In Punjab is not new to Delhites or those who look out for authentic Punjabi food in the city, its new menu launch of authentic Mughlai dishes, is definitely a must try.

Made In Punjab or MIP is a wonderful restaurant bringing the true Punjabi love for food to Delhites with their fine dining place situated in Cyber Hub the heart of Gurgaon. Walking into MIP, there is a warm and cosy feel. The interiors made up of comfortable earthy brown leather chairs, soft lighting, dark brown wood finish tables, the spacious floor is divided into cosy dining areas using dark discreet glass panels. Although MIP is not new to Delhites, anyone visiting the city looking for some authentic Punjabi food, must try Made In Punjab especially now with their new menu launch of authentic Mughlai dishes.

To start try one of their unique cocktails like the – Nashili Chai made of four white spirits, chilled orange cinnamon flavor, home brewed tea served in a fun old style Chai glass and poured from a kettle. The Cu Cu Fizz made of cumin infused vodka, with cucumber and a sweet sour soda to top it up. Kala Khatta Chuski having a tequila base with khatta mitha orange and passion fruit flavor and the Syappa is a fun combination of coffee and garlic flavors with Vodka. Naya Zamana is an old fashion with different flavor of apple caramel syrup. Not wanting anything too flavorful then try Happy Singh a gin, egg white, orange liqueur for its soft taste palette. For mocktails, the Minty apple fresh apple mint muddled together lime juice apple juice top up with soda or the Hadwana Khikanji watermelon juice mixed with Chaat masaala cumin powder and black salt.

Punjabis are known for their rich heritage, food, tradition and culture. This is reflective in the extensive menu that has a variety of options in vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes. Each dish has been especially prepared by Chef Sumant Kumar Singh who has over 12 years of experience. He first prepares the dish, with lengthy processes getting the right spice mix, followed by hours of marination and later slow cooking to bring out the flavors while getting the perfect texture.

We started with a beautifully done dish called Palak Patta Chat, a sweet tangy spicy vegetarian starter, made up of fried spinach discs, gram flour, and yoghurt, corn serve with aloo chokha, mint and tamarind. Followed by Multani paneer Tikka, Hari Mirch Jingha, that are prawns marinated in green chilies, green spinach and mint grilled in tandoor. Legacy Tandoori Chaap deserves a special mention as it is a recipe from India’s Legacy from the time of Raja’s Maharaja’s. The Chef marinates it for 12 hours/the whole night and cooks it in dum the next day for 3-4 hours on a very slow flame with the thickened gravy. Kashmiri Morel Stuffed is Gucchi with cottage cheese mawa marinated malia masala, a must try it’s a real delicacy. Fun fact one kilogram of morels comes for Rs 35,000! Each dish is unique.

For the main course, there is an unbelievable menu of authentic Punjabi dishes inspired from United Punjab, including lahori dishes. And Lahore is known for its Mughali food. Sarso ka Saag with Punjabi spicy tarkha made rich with cream with the traditional white butter, gur and maaki ki roti. Do try the Mutton Kundan Kaliaan that has gravy similar to classic Nihari. Needless to say the Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani was done perfectly. After having such a wonderful meal, there really is no space for anything but the Khaajori rasmali is so special made with a special flavor of Khjoor, and the Jalebi with Rabri just takes me back to childhood days of sweets. It’s the perfect way to end this marvelous meal. This is the perfect dine in place to go to with friends, family to relax and enjoy a good meal, or celebrate a special occasion.

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