Fly high with Dragonfly’s cocktails

A well-prepared beverage is a soul to heart and mind; which once enters into one’s system, makes one feel refreshed, energized, basically changes the mood altogether. But a beverage suits a person only when the maker understands the drinker’s taste and mood. And this is what a veteran Mixologist Richard Hargroves understands well. A renowned British Mixologist known for his concoctions around the world has developed 16 signature cocktails that are unique to Dragonfly Experience, a restropub in Aerocity, Delhi. From the United Kingdom to New York to Hong Kong to Cape Town, Richard has worked in industry for over 30 years. Here we are sharing some of his best cocktails.


The mojito given a Japanese makeover. Greater than gin, plum wine, cranberry and apple infused sake are blended together, fresh lime yuzu juice, rose petal and crowned with soda.

 • 2 lime cut into segments

• 20 ml Yuzu and rose petal syrup

 • 6 rose petals

• 60 ml Mohito spirit mix

• 2 dash orange angostura

• Top with soda

• Garnish: frosted rose petals and orchid flower (Mojito mix: 300 ml gin, 250 ml wine and apple sake)


Japanese whiskey infused with lemongrass shaken hard with fresh lemon juice, dragonfly’s vanilla and lemongrass cordials. Angostura bitters.

• 60 ml enso whiskey infused with lemongrass

 • 30 ml fresh lemon juice • 20 ml lemongrass syrup

• 10 ml vanilla syrup

• Dash of Angostura bitters

 • 1 eggwhite • Garnish: Angostura drops, flowers


They infuse Heymans Old Tom gin with ginger, muddle fresh ginger and dragonfly’s ginger cordial, fresh lime and cucumber juices and top with soda. For all you ginger lover out there!

• 60 ml heymans old tom gin

• Infused with ginmger

• 2 piece of fresh ginger muddle

• 10 ml of Monin elder flower

• 15 ml ginger cordial

• 25 ml fresh lime juice

• 20 ml cucumber juice

• 20 ml soda

• Garnish with berries

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