Calm those pre-wedding jitters at neoVeda Spa

The excitement – and accompanying stress – that comes with wedding planning can really affect a bride’s mental and physical state. Brides must take time out for themselves, get pampered and prepped to perfection for the big day. One of the ideal places is neoVeda Spa at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, which has curated few special bridal spa treatments to rejuvenate brides-to-be so they radiate an ethereal glow and feel like a million bucks on the most unforgettable day of their lives.

  • Bridal Body Polish
    Duration : 50 minutes

The original purpose is to enhance the appearance of a bride. Popular in the coastal regions of India where coconut is abundant, the bride is blessed with pure Coconut Milk before the wedding night to create a smooth and luminous skin. A small amount of Turmeric is added to exfoliate and soften the skin and is completed with a shower. Such a treatment should be done at least 5-6 days before the wedding.

  • Salt and Spice Body Glow
    Duration : 30 minutes

Body glow is considered the easiest and the most effective way to get that buttery smooth and fresh body skin just right for your wedding day and for your honeymoon.  Exfoliating using Sea Salt, Cloves and Aromatherapy Essential Oil blends, a week before the wedding as this will not only add radiance to your face but will also make you wedding ready. Its  light  buffing  grains  remove  dead  skin  cells  and  impurities  from  the  surface.  The spices re-mineralize, hydrate,  increases circulation  and  improves  skin texture and the oils aids as  a  moisturizer,  leaving  the  skin  soft  and  smooth.  

  • neoVeda Signature (Balancing of the senses)
    Duration : 2 hours 30 minutes

With all that pre-wedding stress around you this is just what you need to shed off all the exhaustion and stress. It starts with a Full Body massage for 90 minutes, Coconut scrub and a Cucumber wrap. This treatment will give any would –be-bride a complete relaxation to body, mind and soul. It combats the muscle stiffness while relaxing the lymphatic system. It also exfoliates the dead layer of your skin and rejuvenates with goodness of fresh coconut; it enriches body with electrolytes and gives new life to cells

  • Detox Bath (on advance booking)
    Duration:  45 minutes

A luxurious bath with aroma oils, aroma candle all around & floating flower petal gives pleasant look. This bath reduces pain and swelling, wash out toxins accumulated in the blood and supplement the electrolytes need for the body.

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