Busting Dubai’s biggest Myths

Simply say the word ‘Dubai’ and star-reaching skyscrapers and camels crossing sun-kissed dunes spring to mind. But Dubai is so much more than that! While it is a city that is growing and evolving to become a city of the future, it maintains its strong cultural traditions and heritage. Here are top 5 common misconceptions which are far away from reality: 

1.     Dubai is just a desert

Twenty odd years ago, this sentence would perhaps hold true. Dubai today has become the perfect scenic backdrop with a unique combination of the desert, city and beach. With a combination of its many architectural marvels, this global city offers luxury stay, shopping, entertainment and varied dining experiences for all audiences. You can marvel at the white stone majesty of Jumeirah Mosque or take a traditional cruise along the Dubai Creek, fine dine at some of the best restaurants on the Bluewaters Island or take the quintessential ‘holding up the Burj Al Arab’ photo on the Sunset Beach. Dubai has something for everyone! 

2.     Dubai has no options for the vegetarians  

With the Kebabs and lamb chops and Emirati cuisine, it’s a common misconception that vegetarian food might be hard to fine. But that’s not true! With Dubai quickly becoming a global city, cuisines from across the world can be found here. Whether you’re a veteran vegetarian, or just keeping your meat consumption in check, Dubai is an easy city for discovering delicious dining options. With plenty of Indian eateries serving traditionally vegetarian cuisine, a new guard of health-conscious, plant-based cafes and restaurants mean that even committed meat eaters will find tempting veggie options in Dubai. Rasoi Ghar, Quattro, Wild and the Moon, Omnia Gourmet are just some of the fabulous restaurants the city offers. And that’s not all. Dubai is all set to open doors to the world’s biggest vegan restaurant – Veganity. So, make way for a yummy veggie spread coming your way!

3.     Dubai has no offerings for kids

From the world’s best theme parks to waterparks to activations all year round – Dubai is your ultimate playground. The city’s offerings and big-name attractions can be as enjoyable for children as they are for the parents. With several new attractions including The Green Planet and Legoland to existing popular ones like Ski Dubai and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai is the ultimate holiday destination for the entire family!

4.     Dubai has no experience to offer in the summers

With temperatures soaring up to 50 degrees in the height of summer from May – August, there’s no denying that Dubai can get a little hot and humid. But since the city can’t change its weather, it has built a robust infrastructure and attractions to beat the heat effectively. With some of the world’s best indoor theme parks like IMG World of Adventure to the amazing waterparks like Wild Wadi, Aquaventure and Laguna Waterpark – Dubai, they are the best relief to the heat.

5.     Dubai is just a concrete jungle

Dubai is a city of unfathomably high buildings, palm-shaped islands and space age architectural wonders, but the city offers so much more than just cold, concrete modernity. Take a stroll around the tranquil Al Fahidi Historic District, a beautifully restored labyrinthine part of the town. Explore the craft shops and courtyard cafes and marvel at the wind tower-topped houses, which provide natural air conditioning. Alternatively, take a dune drive out in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and you’ll  simply love the view!

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