Aliens spotted in Green Park Molecule

Molecule, the hot and happening bar from Gurgaon, is now more centrally available in Green Park. Being a trendsetter in the areas of gastronomy and mixology, their new outlet does not disappoint with its Gastronomic Adventures and Mixology Masterpieces in a futuristic look. 

As you enter, you are immediately transported to a space ship interior with completely dark with bright blue neon lights in geometric patterns. Walking inside, it’s easy to see a spacious and comfortable area that has been given to dinners with a 40 foot long bar at one end. Having a mix of sofa and chair seating, you will not have trouble finding your corner. The interior is an amazing blend of colours, blues, reds all simulating the visual sensory. This is one place you can say, “Finally the aliens have arrived!!” and you can find them and party with them in Molecule. Live up your sci-fi imagination. It’s a surreal feeling seeing aliens (Xenomorph) in water tanks as if they are alive and dancing to the music. But it doesn’t end here, go upstairs and there is fantastic Rooftop terrace with a Neon lit hexagonal shaped bar in the center, with its own DJ – giving two experiences in one space.  The accentuated design infusing with interior composition, is thoughtful and creative and wide eyed amazement palette, enjoy the multi-vibes transporting one to a place not less than an international bar.

The food menu at Molecule explains the finesse and craftsmanship of Chef Anas Qureshi who after travelling the entire world has picked up produces, ingredients & veggies focussing on seasonality keeping in mind the preservation of diversity and traditional practices. Giving contemporary twists to old classics, Molecule in Green Park has introduced new flavours with bold and alluring twists. The menu includes dishes like Edible Lava coal dahi ke kebabs to Chat Island, spicy Red Harissa Mushrooms, and Asian Gunpowder Chicken with seven spices, Tawa Masala Chicken sausages to house special Chilli garlic prawns, Black pepper garam masala fish tikka and more to begin with.  Don’t miss the Chole Taco a wonderful indo mex fusion, well seasoned homestyle Chole in a Puri style taco with sour cream n salsa, surprisingly good. From authentic dim sums from chilli garlic vegetable, antidote tandoori momos to red curry chicken dumplings, between the bread chicken and cheese bunny chows. They have curated the perfect menu with something for everyone’s palette. 

The Drinks menu at Molecule has been created sans preservatives & synthetic syrups and are home made with magical combinations and amalgamations of global experiences with elements of traditional culture. With a desi look with international flavours, sip stirred drinks made of fresh fruits, home-made flowery syrups, organic herbs and spices with a swig of alcohol of course! The well nurtured menu at Molecule, invites you to enjoy cocktails crafted with tales of magic and mystery with Tiki Taka – A Barcardi White with cardmom, pineapple juice, orange, hazelnut & caramel with a hint of lime, Konkantini– A gin with touch of South Indian flavour Kokum Juice and Keora syrup balanced with lime juice and sugar syrup, Gin & Cherry- Gin cocktail with seedip spice, cherry and tonic, surprisingly light and refreshing. Serve in chilled fancy glass Garnish with a violet flower, huge single ice ball and cherry, Litchi Temptation– Drink which gives you desi touch with the local ingredients like homemade litchi and chilly spice syrup, lime juice with a tropical touch of pineapple juice, Indo Western Alliance– Drink dedicate to that Indian farmer who shifted from India to Caribbean country for sugarcane farm. Cocktails with homemade cumin spice syrup, sugarcane juice with a touch of Chat Masala and Roasted Cumin powder. Don’t forget to chew on sugarcane sticks when your sipping done, Smokey Whiskey Spice- If you got bored with regular whiskey drink than add some twist of Cinnamon and fresh apple juice with smokiness of cinnamon and dried cherry, Kailasa Sandal, Caribbean Mexican Affair, Ontario Spice, Lager than Spice, Once upon a brew etc. along with brews, malts, wines, LIIT’s, champagne, twisted classic cocktails, mocktails, Gin & Tonic’s, Sangrias & more. “Rooted in traditions with a contemporary flair, our diverse collection of dishes & delish drinks are a portrayal of deep enriching Indian flavours with International textures & more. From the freshest of ingredients to in-house specialities, find everything fresh, flavoursome, luscious and ambrosial,” adds Manish Sharma.

Every Wednesday night they have VKEY MEETA belting out beats on the wide array of drums and other musical instruments on popular bollywood numbers, making it an amazing space to party with family and friends. Located right on the main road, easy to reach close to the Green Park Metro Station and to make life comfortable, they provide valet parking as well.   

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