About Us

Travelling today is no longer about stuffing clothes in a bag and hitting the road or catching the train huffing and puffing. Travel is more about style today… We all wish to travel to a stylish destination, travel high-end, experience luxury at the best competitive price and click pics that become the envy of all on facebook! Well, here is a magazine, which is "Stylishly Different" and promises to offer you a sneak peek into the world of style, fashion and travel, hoping to make your travel as stylish as possible! So watch out for TRAVEL with STYLE!


About Travel with Style
No matter how strained our economies become, people will always travel and always go on a holiday as that is one thing we just cannot do without. We all wish to see new places, explore and satiate the traveller that resides in each of us. With the kind of lifestyle fast griping the people in the metropolis, money and plenty and time in short. In such a scenario, they often wish to go for short breaks and with the kind of disposable incomes at hand, the young wish to travel in style and we will be targeting them with our magazine TRAVEL with STYLE! As the name suggests, TRAVEL with STYLE will talk about 'travelling with style'. We will uncover new destinations for you and also bring to you the latest travelling essentials that are available in the market. Realizing the dearth of a good magazine that caters to the stylish travellers of our country, Sampan Media introduces 'TRAVEL with STYLE!.


Periodicity and Circulation
TRAVEL with STYLE, Stylishly Different, will be a monthly publication with a massive b2c circulation and some restricted b2b circulation as well. We propose to come out with a print run of 30,000 copies, ensuring we reach all major book stands across the metros and tier II and tier III cities.


Target Audience
If you thought our target audience includes the young and the fashionable, well, you are not far from wrong, expect that we will also target the adventurous, the go-getters and the age-old travellers whose search for something "different" has not ended yet. We cater to the kids who influence their parent's decision on "where" to go for a holiday; we cater to the "wives" who suggest their husbands the next best place to travel to and we cater to the parents, who would love to see their kids holidaying in a certain resort / place in a certain style!


Why Advertise?
Because we are the best! Because we are different! And because we are original! Without sounding pompous, we take pride in claiming that TRAVEL with STYLE is a one of its kind publication for the young and the stylish traveller hidden within you. With a perfect mix of contents touching upon all verticals of the travel and fashion industry, we have something of liking for all segments of age group. Our print run of 30,000 copies will make sure your product gets the maximum visibility.